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Vieworks DR – “A new concept in digital X-ray detectors”

Using a novel approach of incorporating new materials, such as a new form of gadolinium and leveraging synergies between hardware and software, Matrix DR is a turnkey digital X-ray system providing optimal results, yielding new dose and image quality, at a cost that makes this once premium and expensive technology, affordable.

The moveable 17” by 17” digital X-ray detector requires no adaptations for rotation or mounting in retro-fit scenarios and does not require connection to a generator saving time on capture set up as well as costs related to generator service calls.  This feature will eliminate approximately 80% of service calls specific to this timing / connection issue which will decrease operating costs and increase efficiency.

Many attributes distinguish Matrix DR from competitor brands.  For instance, Matrix DR is the only digital X-ray plate that is repairable.  This option alone provides users a safeguard not offered by other manufacturers.   The savings related to repair compared to that of replacement costs in case of damage is another feature Matrix DR is proud to offer.

Elimination of most glass components inside the detector, this plate is one of the most durable on the market.

The Vieworks DR digital X-ray system includes an intuitive windows based acquisition software program compatible with worklist, mpps, store, send, print, stitching, bitmap storage, touch screen and more.  A “hot disconnect” option is available to protect against broken cables / plate damage if multiple work stations are required.

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