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We carry Agfa, Kodak, and Fuji X-Ray film. Call us today to save money!



American Digital Imaging & Medical Products, inc. is a nationwide distributor of high quality x-ray film, x-ray equipment, both analog and digital along with all manner of products needed to support the image capture function. Our ownership and sales staff has over 20 years of industry experience selling all the top brands to the medical community. With an extensive product offering exceeding 3,000 items, our customer base includes hospitals, clinics, urgent care facilities, municipal health organizations, physicians, chiropractors, dentists, veterinarians and other professions / industries using x-ray equipment and supplies. We carry a full line of x-ray film, digital x-ray systems, portable x-ray units, cassettes and screens, protective apparel, medical equipment, darkroom supplies and all types of accessories used by today’s healthcare providers. Don’t see it, ask us, we carry everything x-ray. Our product lines comes from the most respected names in the medical industry, such as Agfa, Kodak, Bar-Ray, DynaRad, Wolf, Source-Ray, AFP, GE, and Fuji to name a few. American Digital Imaging has a proven track record working with all types of professionals in the medical industry. Our dedicated staff will assist you in finding the products and equipment that best fit the needs of your unique operation. Put our extensive experience and relationships to work for you. Whether the need is for quality products at great prices, quick delivery or technical assistance, please call us at (800) 326-6106. We look forward to being of service.
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